What others say

I have been one of Kim’s clients for the last four years. When I started with Kim I was afraid of fulfilling my potential but now I am confident that I will achieve all that I am capable of. Kim has always been very understanding and constructive during the consultations, and effective in following up by email or text. This has meant that I always had something clear to focus on. I couldn’t recommend Kim more; she has changed my life.

Adele, Esher

I would still be in a state of high anxiety and stress a year on if I had not met with Kim. She has an instinct, intuition, magic, something special that allows her to know precisely what is going on and to say what is needed in that moment. I arrived in a terrible state feeling dreadful and left with a sense that everything is ok. Over the course of four meetings we talked, she suggested helpful exercises, gave me a blast of bio energy and had an uncanny way of mentioning something that would help me out my fog. She enabled me to gain a fresh perspective, move away from stress and into a relaxed, happy state quickly. I would whole heartedly recommend Kim.

Venetia, London

Upon meeting Kim, I knew I had come across a smart, kind professional with a calming and nurturing temperament. She understood my headspace & goals, and worked with me energetically and intuitively. I now feel confident, competent and comfortable within myself. I recommend Kim to anyone, especially those needing assistance & guidance with their energy and mind frame, healing and Reiki and/or a general boost during challenging times in life.

Meagan, Reading

Its with great pleasure to say a few worlds about my experience under Kim’s care.

Firstly she is a very kind sincere person who instantly puts one at ease. The sessions are always incredibly helpful and Kim focuses on exactly what is needed at that particular time. Without exception I leave feeling relaxed and full of optimism.

In my case I needed to hear the same message on several occasions. However I am delighted to say that finally I am able to put her advice into practice. I am learning to concentrate on the day in hand rather than always looking to the future and creating more and more anxiety for myself. I realize too that it is definitely time to be kind to myself.

Kim sends wonderfully detailed emails after each session. These remind one of the topics covered and suggestions made. They are invaluable. I cannot recommend Kim more highly. She is a fantastic lady with a great and special gift.

Carol, London

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect at my first bi aura session, I had a basic understanding of aura's, energy flows etc. and am a great believer in alternative therapies. When I arrived I was a little nervous but open to trying something different. I was fed up with feeling like I was stuck in my own version of Groundhog Day, the same feelings going round and round, unable to make decisions, taking 2 steps forward then 1 back. Kim explained what she would be doing and we discussed what I would like to get out of the sessions. When she started the process I felt instantly calmer. Its quite strange to start off with and i felt like i should be doing something rather than standing with my eyes closed. After the first session I slept better than I had for months and felt lighter, especially across my shoulders. I hadn't expected the amount of 'movement' generated during the process and by the final session I was moving, swaying without being physically touched.

I enjoyed the start of each treatment, when you are standing doing the warm up exercises, it helped make me feel centred before Kim started.

Having completed the series of treatments I feel better able to make decisions and move forward rather than feeling my life was out of my control. I'm really pleased i tried bi aura therapy and i think that as long as you have an open mind it is worth trying.

Becky, Surrey

I'm a young at heart 50 something with a strong scientific/rational education. I've spent years in academia, research, consulting and business management offering advice on a fact based approach. As a result Bio-energy does not sit comfortably in my mind set. But despite my misgivings and scepticism something happened.

Kim has a very positive, knowledgeable, relaxed and friendly approach. She takes scepticism and argument well; responds with thought provoking and clear content. She also lets the results speak for themselves. She is able to explain what she did and why and how it will help.

And whilst I can't rationalise it, although I'm trying hard to, it is a life affirming, mind de-cluttering, reprioritizing and uplifting experience. A spring clean for the head, heart and soul. It just seems to work.

Matthew, Reading

Over the last few weeks, I have visited Kim Pilkington on four separate occasions for Bi Aura treatments.

During our sessions we concentrated on two physical ailments that have been troubling me for years, namely:- very painful hip bursitis and plantar fasciitis.

From the outset Kim's approach was very professional. Having no prior knowledge of Bi Aura I was understandably slightly worried as I didn't know what to expect, but Kim quickly helped me feel at ease, by explaining the process and the purpose of each session.

At the beginning of the first session, Kim gently asked me to share with her any problems I was experiencing in my life at that time, I chose to concentrate on two physical problems, each of which were severely impacting my day to day life and also severely affecting my favourite, all-consuming hobby, horse riding.

I enjoyed the first session immensely, I have a very stressful job and whilst I cope with the pressure well, I invariably feel under pressure ... however, during my first session and during the next couple of nights, I felt a very welcome calmness and, whilst I'm a good sleeper, I certainly had an improved night's sleep on that first day and on subsequent days after each treatment.

Oddly immediately after my first session, I felt a very very severe pain at the very back of my tongue, as if my tongue had been cut. This sensation lasted for about 36 hours.

During the first session and subsequent sessions, during each of the treatments, and while my eyes were closed I could see white patterns gently floating in front of my eyes.

Each of the four sessions were (surprisingly) deeply pleasurable, and whilst we were not concentrating on my stressful job, a very welcome "side effect" was the relaxation I felt after each treatment.

My hip bursitis and plantar fasciitis started to improve considerably after the first session, my hip bursitis came back very very slightly before my second and third sessions, but since my third session both ailments have disappeared completely. So much so, I can now mount my horse from the ground without the need for a mounting block ... which is something I haven't been able to do for years.

I found each of my four sessions both a relaxing and a fascinating experience. During each of the sessions, Kim's bedside manner was very professional, compassionate and understanding, I felt like she was genuinely and hugely interested and concerned about my wellbeing and put her heart and soul into making me better.

In closing, my Bi Aura sessions was a life changing experience, which might well sound dramatic, but believe me to be "pain free" for the first time in years has definitely made a big difference to my day to day life.

Thank you.

Anna, Surrey

When I came to see Kim the thing that really struck me was her professionalism. I felt like I could tell Kim anything and it would remain completely confidential which was very important to me. I never felt rushed by Kim. During both the first and last treatments I felt as if my head and lifting and turning. An experience I have had before when I was meditating. During 3 of the 4 treatments I also felt incredibly relaxed and felt I was in a meditative state. One week I was feeling anxious and could not relax and Kim picked up on this and told me there was resistance. I really liked the fact that Kim works intuitively and for me that is really important. I am so confident with Kim that I have asked her to treat my 8 year old.

Dw, Surrey

I have recently completed my 4 sessions of Bi aura with Kim Pilkington. I was impressed from the minute I walked into the treatment room. The atmosphere was calming and nurturing and my initial consultation was done with great sincerity, kindness and understanding. I found the treatment extremely relaxing and overall a very pleasant experience. I left the room feeling calm, positive and wonderfully serene. I also noticed a very different mindset after just one treatment which amazed me. I would say Kim has an empathy that is unique in the field of healing.

Jane, Surrey