Treatments to help

"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real." – Deepak Chopra

Whether you´re looking for help on an emotional or physical level Reiki treatments help to:

  • promote a healing state through deep relaxation
  • provide the space to reflect on situations to bring clarity
  • release blocked energy and repressed emotions
  • restore self worth
  • provide emotional or physical support
  • detoxify the body
  • bring a sense of harmony and balance to situations
  • help you to take steps towards your authentic and most vital self

From time to time, we will encounter situations that cause stress, anxiety, fatigue and negative thoughts brought on by life experience or unresolved situations. Or we may experience physiological aches, pains and discomfort.

What is Reiki?

The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century, which is activated by intention. It works on a physical, emotional and for some a spiritual level.

The Japanese word Reiki means ´Universal Energy´. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being. Known as ´ki´ in Japan, ´chi´ in China and ´prana´ in India. Acupuncture, T´ai chi and Yoga are also based on the free-flow of this energy in a person.

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy whose purpose is to treat holistically and to restore homeostasis.

What are the benefits?

Illness can be a time of great stress. Reiki can help us cope by encouraging relaxation and bringing balance to both mind and emotions.

Benefits reported include deep relaxation, promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels.

Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices, such as improving diet, taking more exercise, devoting time for rest or leisure activities, and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco. Engendering greater inner harmony and balance, regular Reiki treatments promote a calmer response to life´s challenges.

Reiki´s gentle energy is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation.

Being complementary, Reiki works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies, expanding treatment options.

Reiki can enhance everyday living, and regular sessions may help to promote development of a healthier, more resourceful state of being.

Reiki is being used in various settings including private practice, complementary therapy centres, GP surgeries, hospitals, hospices, cancer support groups, post-operative recovery, drug rehabilitation, prisons, HIV/AIDS centres, and in the care of the elderly.

What happens during a session?

A Reiki treatment is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied.

A session is usually carried out with the recipient lying down or sitting, in a comfortable and peaceful environment. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki energy passes easily through all materials, including plaster casts.

The practitioner places their hands gently on or over the body. The recipient automatically draws in only as much Reiki as is needed, using it in whatever way is most appropriate at the time.

Reiki may be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, other sensations, or nothing at all. Reiki is deeply relaxing and has a profoundly calming effect. It is a good idea to rest for a while afterwards and drink plenty of water over the next few days. Be responsive to the needs of your body, eg resting if tired, and allow the energy to continue its work after the session ends. The beneficial effects may be felt for several days.

How often do I need to have a treatment?

Even one single Reiki session can make a difference; however a course of regular treatments may be more effective. These may be weekly, fortnightly or less often depending on the needs of the individual. A treatment plan will be discussed with you, and reviewed as necessary. This will always be subject to your own preferences, and can be changed at any time according to progress.


Reiki does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of urgent concern.

In a very busy world, I believe that everyone deserves a little space and time to relax mind and body. In the stillness created during relaxation we can achieve the room we need to truly reflect.

From stillness we make room for creativity and healing giving our bodies a chance to re-balance.

Session costs

Each consultation lasts up to 90 minutes and includes a follow up summary in writing of the session and any areas that require attention or further consideration.

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As with all holistic therapies, this does not replace or constitute diagnosis of any particular conditions or diseases. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. Always seek professional medical assistance in relation to health matters and never make any changes to your prescribed medical plan without prior consultation with a health professional or Doctor.