Intuitive Session

Do you feel a little overwhelmed or lost, stuck or confused about one or more situations in your life? Is there some internal conflict going on that you’d like to deal with. Are you struggling with making decisions?

Everyone can tap into their own intuition and yet sometimes we can feel too close to a situation to get the clarity and objectivity we need to move forward.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is believed to be a ‘right brain’ activity or process that allows us to tap into subconscious information with the aim of providing guidance about every day life.

People often experience intuition as:

  1. A gut feeling or emotional response to a situation
  2. An inner voice that makes suggestions
  3. A physical sensation (like a churning in the stomach area or a headache)
  4. An instant knowing of what they need to do

What Happens

It’s another form of ‘energy’ work designed to help us connect with our own truth, support positive choices that help us move into a healthy, happy state.

As a student of the College of Psychic Studies, in London, I have been given a framework for using intuitive skills to bring into my clients awareness practical, relevant and positive information to help them in their professional or personal lives.

All that’s requires is an open mind and a desire to connect with the truth.

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As with all holistic therapies, this does not replace or constitute diagnosis of any particular conditions or diseases. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. Always seek professional medical assistance in relation to health matters and never make any changes to your prescribed medical plan without prior consultation with a health professional or Doctor.