The power of being at cause

We live in interesting, changing and challenging times. We also live in times of amazing potential and possibility, where we truly have the opportunity to be, have and do it all.

When you look at your life, are you able to say that you have the happiness and success that you feel you deserve?

What do the relationships you are involved in say about you?

7 simple ways to de-stress

For me, it’s all about empowering clients and as I’m a big fan of sharing what works and any quick ways for big gains. Until I see you, here’s what you can do. Check out these straightforward tips from the man himself Deepak Chopra… enjoy!

Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue

Recently the Daily Mail mentioned Adrenal Fatigue as a reason women are exhausted, irritable and unhappy. Bio hormone health tackled this subject over a year ago so here is the bioidentical hormone perspective on why you always feel tired and stressed.

Self Empowerment – Top Titles

Over the years, I’ve read, recommended and been given a number of inspirational and transformational books. There are hundreds, if not thousands of titles out there in the ‘self help’ space. I’m often asked by clients, what they should read to help them to get started or help them to reach their desired goals. Well, here are few titles that have proven the most effective in my our experience. [...]

Inspiring Quotes to Inspire you to Explore

Learning about who and what you are is surely one of the most inspiring and challenging pieces of exploration we can ever do. Where do you start and how can you begin this process? Well, there are ways that we therapists can help you start and map out that journey using the framework of energy based therapies such as neuro linguistics , Reiki and bio energy by creating and holding the time and space to allow it to happen. I found some inspirational quotes to help fire up the imagination and create food for thought. Hopefully they’ll get the motivation going to begin or continue your own exquisite journey. [...]