Bio Energy

What is Bio Energy?

The aim of Bio Energy therapies is to facilitate the bodies own regenerative or healing capacity.

Using both hands-on and hands-off techniques, it is a non-invasive one-on-one therapy whose intent is to balance the human energy flow and bio- electromagnetic field, recreating natural harmony on a cellular level and wherever the body should need it.

The roots of bio energy therapy can be found in the ancient traditions and cultures of China, India and Japan who have for thousands of years studied something they refer to as life force energy or Chi (also written as Chi, Ki or Qi). Theories have been formulated as to how this energy circulates in and around the body of all living things.

Bio Energy is based on the seamless blending of psychology, spirituality and the Eastern interpretation of our energy systems through the framework of the chakra system.

The therapy is concerned with the human experience in terms of four interrelated aspects accessed through the ´chakra´ system framework which acts as the link between them. These areas are loosely defined as:-

  • The mental perspective (our thoughts)
  • The emotional (our beliefs and feelings)
  • The physical (our physiology, diet etc)
  • The energetic which can mean our spirituality or literally our vitality or sense of purpose

The premise of Bio Energy is that all illness and injuries have a corresponding blockage in the normal energy flow through the body. Therefore by "clearing" or disrupting the energy blockage, this allows the body's own healing processes to come into force.

How does it work?

Bio Energy therapy works by removing blockages and restoring balance and flow to the human energy field.

Through Isotopic studies, it is already understood that the body has remarkable regenerative powers with inference that if the body can regenerate itself to the degree that it can replace up to 98% of it´s ´atoms´ in less than a year, then it follows that there must be some ´factor´ that prevents the body from achieving this when symptoms illness or dis-ease is apparent.

In this context dis-ease can mean a disruption in one or more of the four fundamental elements of the human experience – mental processes (thoughts/beliefs); emotions (feelings); physiology (our body) or energetic matters.

Our thoughts are electrochemical reactions emanating from the brain, and form patterns within our bodies that are also examples of energy variation and fluctuation and so on. So our thoughts are as real as our bodies (hence the mind body connection on an energetic level).

Although we interact differently with our thoughts than with our bodies, in fact energetically they are merely a different expression of vibrating energy.

So in a session, the therapist´s energy is able to interact with a client´s energy through focussed intention as thoughts are also energy. By using the theoretical and energetic framework of chi; chakras, human anatomy and physiology and western psychological practises; we are able to interact with and interpret blockages or energy flows and patterns and share this with each other with the specific intent to release blockages and thereby restoring equilibrium.

What happens in a session?

A session is generally 45 to 60 minutes in duration, and the recommended course of treatments is for one session a week for three weeks, and then a follow on session four weeks after the third session. If this isn´t practical or possible, an alternative, intensive, structure is to have one 15 minute session a day for four days.

Following a brief discussion about your aims and intentions for healing, we will begin the session. During the session you remain fully clothed having removed shoes and any watches or jewellery.

Having achieved a relaxed and receptive state with eyes closed, you will be standing whilst I work around you. You will be required to sit during part of the session and to stand for the final few minutes.

At the end of the session you will have a chance to sit and reflect and any things you would like to discuss will be addressed.

It´s advisable to drink plenty of water. It is recommended that you avoid alcohol and any other stimulants prior to attending any sessions and during the course of four sessions.

The aim is to follow a four step process as follows:-

  1. Session 1 - Energise and connect with your energy field & get things moving
  2. Session 2 - Detox and cleanse blockages in your energy field
  3. Session 3 - Balance the energy field
  4. Session 4 - Establish a new level of health

By following this process or framework, both within the session and over the course of the treatment, enables you to move one manageable step at a time to an improved state of health.

This could be perceived or experienced as the process of change, from your current state of wellbeing or "comfort zone", through a feeling of "status quo" in which you may have become "used" to your condition (even if it´s very painful), and ultimately to take you to an improved level of health. As the rate of progress lies with your own willingness to participate, further sessions may be required.

Session costs

Each consultation lasts up to 70 minutes and includes a follow up summary in writing of the session and any areas that require attention or further consideration. Click here for prices and enquiries.

As with all holistic therapies, this does not replace or constitute diagnosis of any particular conditions or diseases. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. Always seek professional medical assistance in relation to health matters and never make any changes to your prescribed medical plan without prior consultation with a health professional or Doctor.