Are you at Cause or Effect?

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There’s a concept that came into my awareness which states that when we feel powerless and overwhelmed we are at ‘effect’. This means that we blame our situation, our lack of happiness or material success, our challenges with work or relationships on those around us.

It’s as though we feel that it is other peoples job to make us feel better about who we are or what we are doing in that moment.

Well, the news is that it’s not anyone’s job but ours to ensure that we feel happy, relaxed and fulfilled.

In order to achieve this, we must be prepared to step into responsibility (or cause) for EVERYTHING that’s happening (or not) in our lives.

This means that we take the standpoint that we either ALLOW or CHOOSE the situations that arise in our lives.

Being at cause is where the power to make changes or choices lies. So it is the only perspective that’s going to give you the ability to shift towards what you want. It puts us in the driving seat and allows us to to choose or un-choose relationships, jobs, situations, friends, commitments and how we spend our time.

Being at cause gets results; being at effect gives reasons and excuses!

Are you ready to achieve your true potential in all areas of your life by stepping in to cause?

Not tempted yet? Well consider this.

Can you imagine how great life would be if only your boss appreciated you more; or your partner understood, listened to or supported you more? How about if you get the recognition and pay rise you feel you deserve or felt nurtured and loved in a way that makes you feel safe and appreciate?

Can you remember what is it like to be in a room with the person you love and feel really appreciative that they are right there with you in that moment?

How good would it be to feel loved, appreciated, vital and healthy as the norm?

Authenticity is Key

Like me, you can shift from powerless and stuck and all it takes is being open to being honest about what you truly want and stepping in to cause.

So come and explore the power of being authentic in your desires, embracing the power of intention and focussed attention and take a step towards your version of true happiness. It’s simple, by following a few easy steps:-

  1. Know who you are not just what you do.
  2. Be honest about where you are now. What’s missing, what’s just right.
  3. Set aims and goals that make you FEEL good. Set your intention.
  4. Know how to recognise when you will have achieved your aims and goals and set a time line.
  5. Give you aims/goals your attention - create a time (during a walk, a gym session, meditation, yoga) and practise gratitude for what you do have.
  6. Make choices from a feeling space of love and be prepared to let go of what you can’t control.

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery.

TODAY is the only place where happiness is so what you are you doing to create your happiness today!

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